Autumn Woods Farm Logo

Wondering where the idea for our logo and name came from? Of course there’s a story!

The Horseshoe

Of course the obvious explanation of the horseshoe stems from a life long love of horses. The horseshoe also symbolizes luck in many cultures, including the Irish. The horseshoe hung with the two ends pointing up will keep giving the owner of the shoe luck. Horseshoes are made of steel, an iron alloy. Traditionally, iron is a material believed to ward off evil spirits.

There is even a legend surrounding 10th century Saint Dunstan who worked as a blacksmith before becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury. Legend has it that one day the Devil walked into the blacksmith’s shop and asked him to shoe his horse. Dunstan pretended not to recognize him and agreed to the job. However, instead of shoeing the horse, he nailed the shoe to the Devil’s foot, causing him great pain. Dunstan eventually agreed to remove the shoe, only after the Devil promised to never enter a home with a horseshoe nailed above the door!

The Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf in our logo has a deeper, more personal meaning. Megan’s grandmother grew up with horses, she had a big Thoroughbred named John Boy that she used to ride through the woods in Huntington, which was how she eventually picked the location of where to build her home. (Jericho Turnpike was still a dirt road back then!)

She loved coming to the barn with Megan, watching her ride and show, and always encouraged her to keep learning and to follow her dreams. She also fostered creativity and a “try everything once” mindset.

She was so supportive of Megan’s love for horses, especially her Autumn, that she once told her she could use the garage as a stall!

Grammy lived in the woods and in the backyard there is a Red Maple tree that she planted that she was always particularly proud of, and having a Maple Leaf in our logo reminds us of her and her concept of always having an open mind.

The Heart

If you look closely, in the peak of the W of our logo, there is a heart. This has multiple meanings- one is that we put our heart into every part of our business-teaching, riding, horse care. It is also a symbol for the love we have for our horses as well as our students, and are so grateful to have each of you in our lives. It also, of course, symbolizes the love for Autumn and that she is always at the very heart of our operation although she is no longer with us.

Why "Autumn Woods"?

In addition to Autumn being the name of Megan’s horse, it also happens to be her favorite season. Most people that know her know that she loves anything Pumpkin-from pumpkin picking to pumpkin bread and everything in between.

The Woods portion comes from fond memories spent at Grammy’s house in the woods, as well as a love for nature in general.